Meeting Minutes, November 20, 2010

Attending: Hélène Martin, Garfield HS Andy Davidson, Roosevelt HS Mike Panitz, Cascadia CC Brett Crane, Redmond JHS Earl Bergquist Gautam Reddy, Microsoft Stuart Reges, UW CSE Andy reports that Greg received an inquiry from CSTA sister chapter in Dallas/Ft Worth about simulcasting our meetings. They are impressed with our schedule of meeting topics and their members would be interested in hearing some of our presentations. In turn, our sessions would then be available to our members who can’t attend. No…

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Just a few notes on PS CSTA communication channels for everyone: We are now using the PS CSTA website (pscsta.org) for our main source of information and communication about our group’s activities. The information on the Google Group site we have used in the past (groups.google.com/group/puget-sound-csta) won’t be updated in the future, although we will leave the existing content there. If one of us gets time, we will try to move the old meeting minutes over to the PS CSTA…

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December Programming Contest

Information is now posted about the December programming contest. Registration is open until December 4th. Please note the following changes from previous contests:– 1 page of Written notes on file input/output is now allowed, but pre-written code on the computer is still not allowed.– Teams MUST be registered AND paid before Dec 4th to compete– New Contest Format– Awards are given to Top 3 Teams Overall and Top 3 Teams Novice

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