What a day! What a turnout! Many many thanks to Microsoft and Microsoft Teals for hosting the PSCSTA programming competition on Saturday, December 12th. The final count was 284 students from 40 schools from around the Puget Sound participated in our biannual programming contest, and we all fit in the big room at the Microsoft Commons!

Picture from the contest

The morning started with a talk by Mark Russinovich, Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform and author of the popular books Trojan Horse and Zero day. He had some great parting advise for all the students: “Ask questions and seek the answer, Write and speak about it, Stay current.”

We want to thank the Microsoft and Microsoft Teals for supporting us, and key PSCSTA members including Lauren Bricker, Chad Norman, Kory Srock, Brett Wortzman. Ashwin Raja, Alex Kharbush, Michael A. Hawker, Adam Blackburn, Andrea Foegler, and many others for their help organizing the contest, and so many others that helped out on the day of the event.

Mark R's parting advise to students.

Mark R’s parting advise to students.



1st Place: Pseudo Sandwich from Lakeside High School, earning 535 points in 2:24:35
2nd Place: Lanxia from Hazen High School, earning 535 points in 2:37:24
3rd Place: Polar Vortex from Tahoma High School, earning 535 points in 2:40:12

View all of the teams and their points in the Advanced Spreadsheett

1st Place: The Braves from Bishop Blanchet, earning 720 points in 2:41:00
2nd Place: Timberwolves 2 from H M Jackson High School, earning 715 points in 2:53:52
3rd Place: Euler from Lakeside High School, earning 715 points in 2:55:33

View all of the teams and their points in the Novice Spreadsheet



All photos taken at this event can be found in our Winter 2015 Flickr Album.


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