Last weekend, we hosted our second Programming Contest of the school year at the Living Computer Museum. In total ~200 students participated (in grades 8 – 12) on 85 teams! This event was made possible with the dedication of our Programming Contest Committee which was lead by Lauren Bricker, Frances Davies, Michael JohnsonBrian Sea, and Justin Spielmann. We also are very thankful for the 30 industry volunteers who served as judges in the contest.

All photos of the event are now posted on our flickr page!

The contest started with a Tech Panel of industry professionals that work in Computer Science fields related to Security. The video of this panel will be posted soon.

The winners of the advanced division were

  • 1st place: 2sly4you from Garfield High School (earning 835 points in 2:45:43)
  • 2nd place: Sirius Cybernetics from MercerIsland High School (earning 780 points in 2:42:53)
  • 3rd place: Complexity from Interlake High School (earning 780 points in 2:53:43)*

The winners of the intermediate division were

  • 1st place: Eastlake High from Eastlake High School (earning 775 points in 2:32:47)
  • 2nd place: Polar Vortex from Tahoma High School (earning 720 points in 2:29:12)
  • 3rd place: ! from Seattle Preparatory School (earning 660 points in 2:59:00)

* We regretfully had some miscommunication with a judge in the advanced division. Corrections to the Bank Street Writer were not communicated to the judge which resulted in two teams not receiving these corrections. We apologize greatly to the teams impacted, which included Complexity from Interlake High School. If they had received these corrections they may have been able to place higher in the standings.

All scoresheets and materials used are provided below.