Happy summer, everyone!

We had a productive meeting on June 22nd during which we put together a tentative schedule for next year:

  • Sept – Scratch lab
  • Oct – AP CS Labs lab
  • Nov – Nifty Lessons (volunteer through membership survey)
  • 14/Dec – Winter contest at UW
  • Jan – Physical Computing lab 
  • 8/Feb – STEM out! with Amazon Hoppers
  • Mar – AppInventor lab 
  • Apr – Spring contest at ??
  • May – State of CS Education 
  • Jun – Planning for 2014-2015
The finalized schedule including dates will be published in August.  Please fill out our short member survey to provide feedback on the proposed sessions and to help pick a date for the spring contest.
During our meeting, we decided to put together committees to formalize responsibilities around events, finances and communications.  This will streamline our processes and help maximize our impact.  We hope many of you will choose to participate in a committee!  Committee participation will not be a huge time commitment and is a great way to contribute to our community.  You can volunteer in the member survey described above.
Detailed meeting notes are available here.