Another successful competition has come and gone! We had 27 teams participate from 12 schools, 12 judges from industry, and 10 advisors. was our official sponsor! They provided us with many judges, 17 pizzas from Zeek’s, tons of snacks and breakfast items, drinks, shirts for everyone, gift cards, and two kindles! Plus they let us use their facilities and provided us with a Tech Talk! We are very thankful for all their support of our contest.
Contest Winners:
Novice – 1st Place – Roosevelt High School – Team “x4x1x9xHeAdShOt” – Galen Caldwell, Kevin Ault, Grant Price
Novice  – 2nd Place – Roosevelt High School – Team “java.lang.Objects” – Kilian Folger, Sam Dixon
Novice – 3rd Place – Interlake High School – Team “while(true) WIN” – Alex Boulton
Advanced – 1st Place – Tahoma High School – Team “Q” – Colin Wallace, Ashton Ohms
Advanced – 2nd Place – Garfield High School – Team “By (Ge|J)orge” – Derrick Gasaway, George Matter, Jorge Bretzke 
Advanced – 3rd Place – Lakeside School – Team “QTPi” – Nat Mayer, Karisma Gupta, Chinmay Nirke
Contest Problems, Student Data, Judges Data:  Available here