Thank you to everyone that participated in, helped out with, or judged the programming competition!

This was our largest turnout to date with 15 schools bringing 43 total teams! Remember that the December contest is your practice for the April contest!!

Contest Winners:
Novice – 1st Place – Lakeside School – Alex Tong, Nat Mayer, Hannah Ruggiero
Novice  – 2nd Place – Garfield High School – Caitlin Rochlin, William Zhou, Lucy Spain
Novice – 3rd Place – Lakeside School – Nikhil Khanna, Aran Khanna
Advanced – 1st Place – Garfield High School – Lane Aasen, Eamon Gaffney, Dylan Swiggett
Advanced – 2nd Place – Garfield High School – Jenny Lin, Grant Bronsdon, Isabel Suhr
Advanced – 3rd Place – Issaquah High School – Jason Walker, Patrick Violette

Contest Problems, Student Data, Judges Data:  Available here

And a special thank you to our sponsors: Microsoft and HTC!